Expanding Personal Influence And Negotiation Skills

Understand Which Strategy To Use When

To succeed on the job, leaders must possess strong influencing and negotiating skills.  In difficult situations, especially those where responsibilities surpass authority, powerful interpersonal skills can make all of the difference. Good influence and negotiation skills are not intuitive; they must be learned and practiced in a variety of situations until they become natural to you.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between influence and negotiation and when to use which
  • Determine your influence base in a given situation and apply the most effective position- or person-related approach
  • Effectively plan, conduct, and close a negotiation using negotiation counters and strategic concessions

Skill-Based Program Content

  • Compare and contrast influence and negotiation
  • Recognizing influence as an exchange
  • Making the exchange successful
  • Understanding which influence strategies to use
  • Defining negotiation
  • Skills and traits of successful negotiators
  • Negotiation process
  • Planning for negotiations
  • Conducting a negotiation
  • Closing the negotiation

Full-Day Program

On-Site: Full-day program is conducted by an RCA facilitator at client-designated site.
Call for pricing and availability.

Materials: Participant Workbook


Training: Facilitator Training is designed for those who will be training others on the tools, techniques, and concepts covered in the Expanding Personal Influence And Negotiation Skills curriculum

Products: Expanding Personal Influence And Negotiation Skills Packaged Training Program (Facilitator and Participant Kits)

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