Maximize Team Effectiveness

Everyone can improve his or her people skills: it has been shown that better people skills lead to better organizational performance.  By understanding your own communication style and the styles of those you work with, you can significantly improve your daily interactions and routines.  Most of us are members of some type of team.  Whether it is a natural workgroup, project team, or a leadership team, interpersonal skills are critical not only to the team’s overall success but the organization’s as well.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this session, you will be able to: 

  • Communicate effectively by flexing your style
  • Share feedback to continuously improve performance
  • Maximize meeting effectiveness through active participation
  • Address differences and resolve conflicts to find agreeable decisions
  • Collaborate for creative, effective problem solving

Skill-Based Program Content

  • Engaging with understanding
    • Recognizing the foundations of teamwork
    • Understanding individual and team member communication styles
    • Creating strategies for building team communication
  • Sharing constructive feedback
    • "Tuning in" to communication cues
    • Planning and delivering feedback
    • Handling feedback effectively
  • Participating actively in meetings
    • Planning for productive meetings
    • Conducting meetings effectively
    • Evaluating meeting success
  • Resolving for consensus
    • Choosing conflict-resolution strategies
    • Accepting team diversity
    • Applying team decision-making techniques
  • Solving team problems
    • Implementing a six-step problem solving model
    • Applying problem solving tools and methods
    • Generating creative solutions

Three-Day Program

On-Site: Three-day program is conducted by an RCA facilitator at client-designated site.
Call for pricing and availability.

Materials: Participant Workbook, five Practical Guidebooks, Online Tools (CD or E-Mail Attachment), Inscape Publishing's DiSC® Personal Profile System®, Team Member Skills Assessment, and Certificate of Completion


Training: Facilitator Training is designed for those who will be training others on the tools, techniques, and concepts covered in the HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork curriculum

Products: HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork Packaged Training Program (Facilitator and Participant Kits)  

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