Leading With Passion

Turning Passion Into Performance

Today’s organizations require that leaders possess the skills and passion necessary to motivate and manage employees.  Compelling leaders have a visible passion for what they do and inspire others in the organization to ignite their own passions.  By generating and utilizing passion in the workplace, performance is optimized at all levels of the organization.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Increase your own awareness of your true passion and bring that excitement to the workplace
  • Use the Passion Plan Model to align personal passions with core organizational passions and goals
  • Create opportunities for personal, professional, and organizational success

Skill-Based Program Content

  • Turning individual passion into organization-wide performance
  • Benefits of passion to organizations
  • Seven steps to living your passion
  • Creating a passion-driven workgroup
  • Strategies to overcome resistance

Half-Day Program 

On-Site: Half-day program is conducted by an RCA facilitator at client-designated site.
Call for pricing and availability.

Materials: Participant Workbook and one Hardback Book


Training: Facilitator Training is designed for those who will be training others on the tools, techniques, and concepts covered in the Leading With Passion curriculum

Products: Leading With Passion Packaged Training Program (Facilitator and Participant Kits)
The Passion Plan-Putting Your Passion To Work Video Training Program

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