Managing Projects Effectively (MPE)

Planning For Project Success

As customer demands continue to change and grow, so does the need for consistent, effective project management.  It is vital that projects be well planned and carefully managed with accurate resource allocation, rapid project deployment, minimal time/budget variation, and value-added evaluation.  If not, the outcome could mean overrun budgets, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied customers.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Develop practical, results-oriented plans that align with organizational priorities
  • Define and scope projects correctly
  • Organize and schedule project components
  • Assess project risks and construct contingency  plans
  • Use standardized processes, forms, and tools
  • Build the skills and confidence needed to set up a project from start-up to finish

Skill-Based Program Content

  • Project management principles
  • Need:  Why do the project?
    • Problem definition and desired state
    • Project statements
    • Project objectives
  • Data:  Are the project requirements identified?
    • Project assumptions
    • Project facts
  • Economics:  Is the project ROI acceptable?
    • Project justification
    • Project budget
  • Tasks:  How will the project get done?
    • Work breakdown structure
    • Project team assignments
  • Time:  When will the project get done?
    • Project schedule
    • Network diagram
    • Gantt chart
  • Project risk assessment and strategy

Two-Day Program

On-Site: Two-day program is conducted by an RCA facilitator at client-designated site.
Call for pricing and availability.

Materials: Participant Workbook, two Practical Guidebooks, Online Tools (CD or E-Mail Attachment), and Certificate of Completion


Training: Facilitator Training is designed for those who will be training others on the tools, techniques, and concepts covered in the Managing Projects Effectively curriculum

Products: Managing Projects Effectively Packaged Training Program (Facilitator and Participant Kits)

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