Success Through Teamwork


Resolving Conflict And Building Consensus

Although differences are a part of life and can generate new ideas and create new possibilities for teams, they also can lead to negative outcomes in the organization. Their value depends on the way the team perceives and manages them. Using an array of tools and techniques to address differences, resolve conflicts, and make decisions, teams can draw out each individual’s strengths and unique abilities for the greater good of the organization.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Choose and apply appropriate conflict-resolution and consensus-building strategies
  • Respond to the communication needs of diverse team members by applying specific processes designed to enhance communication
  • Select and implement team decision-making techniques

Skill-Based Content

  • Choosing team conflict-resolution strategies
  • Resolving conflict (and building consensus) in six steps
  • Communicating in diverse teams
  • Gaining team consensus
  • Exploring team decision-making techniques

Half-Day Program

On-Site: Half-day program is conducted by an RCA facilitator at client-designated site.
Call for pricing and availability.

Materials: Participant Workbook and one Practical Guidebook


Training: Facilitator Training is designed for those who will be training others on the tools, techniques, and concepts covered in the Success Through Teamwork curriculum

Products: Success Through Teamwork Packaged Training Program (Facilitator and Participant Kits)

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